Zombie Run 2: Zach is Back

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Chapter One: The Gathering Clouds
March 12, Eight Months After The Rising

Things have been relatively quiet since the defeat of “General” Maxis and his troops at the Battle of New Phoenix last year. With conflict limited to intermittent skirmishes between salvage parties and the occasional harassment raid from Flagstaff, the Baxter Building survivors have turned their attentions to mundane pursuits.

Hank has been kept busy with his new responsibility as the community’s top “Mr. Fixit: and jackleg engineer. He was the driving force behind the windmill project that has brought electricity back into the lives of the community of New Phoenix.

Flash has managed to organize a new football league, with himself as commissioner and player-coach of the Northside Giants. The somewhat irregular and poorly-planned pilot season has featured play between four teams of semi-skilled players leavened with a few ex-college jocks and an aged pro or two. Despite constant cajoling, Hank has steadfastly refused to expend any time or precious resources on rigging stadium lights for the league’s sole ball field. As a consequence, Monday Night Football is now Monday Afternoon Football.

Burt has managed to snag himself a plum job as head of a highly-successful salvage crew. As a “side effect” of his position he has managed to outfit a posh lair for himself and his new bride Lisa on the top floor of a swanky condo complex downtown.

Sgt. Martinez has mysteriously disappeared into the hills. Rumor has it he has constructed a crude compound out in the wilds someplace where he lives as a paranoid hermit.


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