Lee is a scrappy Korean boy who is a dead shot. He admires Sergeant Martinez.

  • Agility: d8
  • Smarts: d6
  • Spirit: d6
  • Strength: d6
  • Vigor: d6
  • Charisma: 0
  • Parry: 5
  • Pace: 6
  • Toughness: 5
  • Bloodthirsty
  • Head Shot
  • Steady Hands
  • Two-Fisted
  • Fighting: d6
  • Intimidation: d6
  • Shooting: d8
  • Uzi
  • Hunting rifle
  • 2 Glocks
  • K-Bar Knife
In Combat

Lee is a very good shot, preferring to fire three-round bursts with his Uzi to ensure that he hits. His favored weapon is his Uzi, but he also carries a pair of Glocks and has been known to shoot two-handed when enraged. He desperately wants to use the SAW mounted on the team’s Hummer, but has so far resisted at the request of Sergeant Martinez, whom he admires.

Lee is occasionally careless, and has hit allies by firing into melee on occasion. He avoids hand-to-hand combat whenever possible; however, danger to Tomiko enrages him and drives him to reckless behavior. Lee is surprisingly callous for a 14-year-old, the past year having aged him rapidly.


Lee’s parents owned a small Korean grocery in New York before the Rising. The Baxterites picked him up when scavenging for food, and Sergeant Martinez, faced with a surprisingly stiff defense of the place by young Lee, threatened to burn it down unless Lee came out. Lee’s initial antipathy towards Martinez has changed into admiration, and the Korean boy now considers himself Martinez’s protege.

On the trip to Phoenix, Lee distinguished himself as a surprisingly good shot and evaded death by a hair a number of times. He also exhibited a ferocious hatred of the undead, and a fine indifference to blood and mayhem. It is unsure how much of this is a result of his traumatic experiences and how much is just his natural attitude.

In Phoenix, Lee has assigned himself to Sergeant Martinez and emulates him in many ways. He has also fallen hopelessly in love with Tomiko, a teenage Japanese girl the Baxterites rescued from a cannibal cult. Tomiko regards Lee as a younger brother (she is about four years senior to him), which has done nothing to dampen his enthusiasm.


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