They Thought Phoenix Was The Finish Line…

The battered remnants of the little community of Baxter Building survivors arrived in Phoenix just in time to help fight off a major attack from the self-styled military government up in Flagstaff. With the thugs’ combat power broken and many of their best fighters scattered or dead, an uneasy peace settled into the area for the winter.

The next few months were hard, but prosperous for the Phoenix community. A complex of newly-erected windmills began to supply a limited amount of power. Several jury-rigged greenhouses began to produce a precious few fresh fruits and vegetables. Life for the survivors began to assume some semblance of normalcy.

All is not well, however. With the coming of spring there is the dawning realization that existing food stocks will not support the population until new crops can be planted and harvested. Thanks to the relentless efforts of salvage parties from both Flagstaff and Phoenix, the easily-accessible stores of preserved and canned foods in the nearly areas have been exhausted. The only alternative to slow starvation is a desperate foray into the metropolis of Tuscon, which is known to be heavily infested with the dead.

It’s a job that calls for the toughest adventurers the town has to offer, and so the call goes out to recall the Baxterites from their mundane pursuits to once more brave the undead hordes as the best hope for the survival of their new home. Can they survive the unknown perils that lie ahead? Only time will tell.

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